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Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test


Not only for solution architect professional, it is basically for all kinds of AWS services related questions.

Some Experiences to Share

  • Anything related to cost-efficient,
    • Have an eye an s3. S3 as a cheapest storage solution, you deserve to try it.
    • Serverless solution (lambda, Api gateway) can help you save too
    • Or try ECS Fargate, pay as you go, a Kubernetes like AWS solution
  • Availability or reliability
    • keep an eye on LB, ECS, Serverless (API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo), RDS Multi AZ, Aurora
  • Unpredictable amount of data to store
    • You only have two options left, S3 or Dynamo (Aurora, RDS they both have a maximum amount)
  • You want something realtime?
    • Try Kinesis
    • CloudWatch logs some times can work too, (but not cloud trail, there is always a minutes delay of cloud trail)

Some Tips

I hope you understand, the tips below cannot help you to pass a cert test or help you gain huge amount of cloud architect/development experience, but it can help to easily detect the options which make no sense.

  • lambda should not be used for creating snapsot
  • s3 galcier expected retrieval 1~5 minutes
  • no source ip filter for s3
  • nat gateway not support ipv4, egress-only does
  • health check
    • 2xx 3xx
  • autora can scale automatically, no other lambda or event
  • athena, query s3 through sql
  • ebs limit 16tb
  • snowmobile > 10pb
  • cloudtrail logs are not real time 5-15min delay
  • aws config rule is for monitor
  • cloudformation, stck policy is used for update
  • dynamo no max size limit
  • aurora 64tb
  • ebs 16tb 20k iops (general is 10k)
  • firehose is more expensive than stream
  • WAF on cloudfront not for auto scal group
  • AWS shield on route 53
  • kinesis cannot stream data from s3, source cannot be s3, target can
  • target group helath check need http/s alb
  • sqs worker can be another region
  • DMS, by default engine will be innodb
  • cannot update a sqs queue to fifo, if want, you have to delete then recreate one
  • cognito identiy pool can use for auth aws resource, user pools just a users directory
  • AWSBasePatch not AWS Windows Patch
  • instacne can bem oved in a placementgroup without termination
  • if want service limit from cloud watch you need aws business support plan
  • certificate for elb cannot be cross region
  • rds support sql server/oracle, but not db2
  • dynamo is not supported by cloud watch event, you need cloud trails
  • dynamo stream to record item change activities
  • lambda can be uses to start/stop beanstalk env
  • red shift cluster is single az
  • cloud watch event do not suppport s3
  • aws opsworks are not os patches
  • video stream cannot save video to s3 directly
  • enbaleDnsHostname to determine if whthin vpc or public
  • enableDnsSupport id aws dns is supported in vpc
  • ebs rds cross region copy
  • (physical to virtual) p2v is not supported by servier migration service
  • cache control header annot be set in cloudfront


  • Do use it (AWS services)
  • Do design some architecture for a solution (from simple)
  • Do play around it

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