AWS Lambda Container Image vs AWS Lambda

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There is always a question about this, is it faster or slower to run AWS Lambda Container Image? We all know ECS Fargate might slower than normal ECS, because of cold start time. Is there a cold start time in the container image too? Will the cold start time worse than Fargate or normal Lambda? If so, how bad is it? Like 10% slower or 100% slower from time dimension? How about the deployment time? Will Lambda Container cost more time? All these questions, AWS does not give their audience answers, and they do not give the tech detail or implementation too. So it make the new AWS Lambda Container Image is a totally black box, which is even hard to deduce. In this article, I am trying to answer these questions by running a same program on normal Lambda vs Lambda Container with same memory, at the same time, I can let you know the answers first. Answers First, Is Lambda Container Fast Enough? Lambda Container is not always slower than normal Lambda, most of time, roughly equal. Deployment,… Read More »AWS Lambda Container Image vs AWS Lambda

⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 27 Nov, 2020

Continue reading takes about 5 minutes 1. Benchmarking Debian vs Alpine as a Base Docker Image Most official Docker images offer both Debian and Alpine based images but there’s some surprising performance results between the 2. 3. Docker Private Registry with S3 backend on AWS Our current Docker Hub Registry at provides for a single private repository. This means all our private images must be stored there which prevents from proper versioning via labels. Setting up this repository is an alternative to using AWS ECR service for the same purpose. 4. Performance Read carefully before you jump to conclusions on this page! There are easy ways to configure TypeScript to ensure faster compilations and editing experiences. The earlier that these practices can be adopted, the better. 6. Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data Data is being gathered and created at rates unprecedented in history. Much of this data is intended to drive business outcomes but, according to the Harvard Business Review, “…on average, less than half of an organization’s structured data is actively used in making… Read More »⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 27 Nov, 2020

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Stack update, Moving AceIelts.Pro to AWS

  • Tim Tim is an English writing analysis tool I was building in 2017/2018. It used Natural Language Toolkit to analyze users’ writing. The idea behind this project is using machine learning and technology to help improving writing score of IELTS test for myself. Especially after IELTS computer based test, this can make it more useful for test takers. Tech Stacks Re-platform With the technology stacks changes, the Ace Ielts tech stacks became a bit of outdated, especially running a duo database (MongoDB + PostgreSQL), Mongo is great, but we did not really use the power of document db from Mongo. The final decision to solve this is, Re-platform to more powerful infrastructure of AWS. Using docker for deployment and make it easier. Re-factor, remove MongoDB dependency Migrating existing MongoDB data to PostgreSQL Section Original New Reason Compute VPS with 1g Ram AWS EC2 t3a + 2g Ram more powerful. Data Base MongoDB + PostgreSQL PostgreSQL MongoDB is a great document based no-SQL db, but it increases maintainability and we did not really need no-SQL. Platform VPS AWS more complicated, but more… Read More »Stack update, Moving AceIelts.Pro to AWS

My phone was dropped to the toilet!!! :(

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Yesterday, I accidentally dropped my phone to the toilet. I was not panic, what I did was washing it, washing it and washing it. Like I washed GoPro before. However, I found it did not work well after that, the screen behave weird, it goes to black randomly. What I did after I did some researching online to find what is a good way to get the water out of the phone. Rice I did have rice, but in my mind, I thought it should be fine, so I leave it and put my phone close the dehumidifier, the phone and the case both looked very dry after about 1 hour. I can turn on the phone then, but the screen goes off randomly. 😂 So I left the phone there for a whole night, until the morning alarm (the alarm wakes the phone up automatically). It did not get better, and I knew I should buy a new phone. Buy a Phone in New Zealand Lineage OS is my favorite, so my options are limited. Not buy the newest,… Read More »My phone was dropped to the toilet!!! 🙁


Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test

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Not only for solution architect professional, it is basically for all kinds of AWS services related questions. Some Experiences to Share Anything related to cost-efficient, Have an eye an s3. S3 as a cheapest storage solution, you deserve to try it. Serverless solution (lambda, Api gateway) can help you save too Or try ECS Fargate, pay as you go, a Kubernetes like AWS solution Availability or reliability keep an eye on LB, ECS, Serverless (API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo), RDS Multi AZ, Aurora Unpredictable amount of data to store You only have two options left, S3 or Dynamo (Aurora, RDS they both have a maximum amount) You want something realtime? Try Kinesis CloudWatch logs some times can work too, (but not cloud trail, there is always a minutes delay of cloud trail) Some Tips I hope you understand, the tips below cannot help you to pass a cert test or help you gain huge amount of cloud architect/development experience, but it can help to easily detect the options which make no sense. lambda should not be used for creating snapsot s3… Read More »Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test