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X Algorithm – 250 LeetCode Coding Challenge Questions

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This is a personal coding challenge collection, the source is from LeetCode. To practice how to solve algorithm problems.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems related.

#ProblemLeetCode DifficultyStructure / AlgorithmSolving Ideas / Hints
1041Robot Bounded in CircleMediumString, Simulate– From LeetCode Tips, the robot stays in the circle if and only if (looking at the final vector) it changes direction (ie. doesn’t stay pointing north), or it moves 0.
7Reverse integerMediumMathJS Max Integer is larger than 2**31;
13Roman to IntegerEasyHash Map– Roman numbers has a nature of sum calculation, so the tip is to have a hashmap/dict/opject to map Roman number to integer
14Longest Common PrefixEasyString– Read Requirement Carefully, prefix is the starting letters only, (I understands it wrongly in the beginning)
– Brute Force, O(n*m), m is the longest string length
67Add BinaryEasyString, Calculation, Binary– No different to add integers or binary, because the result are the same, the only difference is the format
– Most of languages, there is a limit for integer, here the tricky part is that the binary number is above the maximum integer, so when transfer from the binary to integer, it lost some value, use `BigInt` in JS could solve the problem, but in Python 3, there would not be a problem, because there is no int and long in Python3
20Valid ParenthesisEasyString, Stack– Use Stack
– If an input start with ] } ), it will never close
– in JS Set is supported
21Merge Two Sorted LinkListEasyLinkList– The definition of the ListNode is a bit confused, it is ES5 style of class, so for using it, use
new ListNode(0, null)
27Remove ElementsEasyArray, Two Pointers– Two Pointers can be used here
– JS Splice Function could be used too
26Remove Duplication from a Sorted ArrayEasyArray, Two Pointers
28strStrEasyString– This basically required to write a `indexOf` function
– Consider not using high level function, like indexOf
35Search Insert PositionEasyBinary Search– Loop, use low and high and while loop
– Recursion, try pass start and end index
49Group AnagramsMediumString, Sort, Hash Map– This one is not very hard, it is a combination of usages of different algorithm and data structure
– Object.values(), Object.keys(), Obejct.entries()
53Maximum Sub ArrayEasyDynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer
58Length of the Last WordEasy– Split String to Words (do not forget trim the end of the string)
– Find last word and get the length
64Minimum Path SumMediumPath Find, Matrix– This looks like to the 53, maximum sub array, but actually, put it in 2d matrix, make it different
– This is a classical path finding problem
– To avoid, time out, use dict/hashmap as a caching layer, caching will solve the problem, but it costs more storage, more about dynamic programming solution

66Plus OneEasyArray– Unshift can be used to append 1 into the beginning of array
– Shift is used to remove the 1st element, different with pop().
– i++/i– return the value before calculation, comparing to ++i/–i
67Add BinaryEasy– BigInt can be used here
69SqrtxEasyMath– Use Binary Search here
70Climbing StairsEasyDynamic Programming– Find the pattern of the result, which it is Fibonacci
605Can Place FlowersEasy– Read requirements carefully
83Remove Duplicates from Sorted ListEasyLinked List, Two Pointer– I wrote a simple JS solution for this, in page 2, faster than 93% js solution
88Merge Sorted ArraysEasyTodo, I did not figure out a proper way to cover all cases in the beginning in time O(m+n)
– There is a O(m+n) solution in page 3, try think reversely
– But merge arrays and resort is the easiest solution, will be nLogN
94Binary Tree Inorder TraversalEasyTree, Binary Tree, Stack, Recursion, Depth First– Recursion is easier for solving this
– pop, push, shift unshift
100Same TreeEasyTree
101Symmetric TreeEasyTree, BFS, DFS– DFS Recursion solution is easy to get
– For interaction, this is a good discussion on LeetCode as a queue base BFS solution
104Maximum Depth of Binary TreeEasyTree, BFS, DFS,– Good Stack Based DFS/ Queue Based BFS iteration examples on LeetCode, actually the DFS iteration solution is a bit hard to understand
– DFS Recursion is easier to understand
108Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search TreeEasyDFS
520Detect CapitalEasyString
110Balanced Binary TreeEasyBalanced Tree– Balanced Binary Tree, left height and right height differs in 1
– Both left, right and all sub trees are balanced
111Minimum Depth of Binary TreeEasyBFS, DFS
112Path SumEasyDFS
113Path Sum 2MediumDFS, Binary Tree
125Valid PalindromeEasyString
136Single NumberEasyList, Bit Manipulation– 5^5 = 0, XOR, Any same two elements XOR operation, it will be 0, this is why Bit Manipulation works in reduce
941Valid Mountain ArrayEasyList
141Linked List CycleEasyLinked List, Slow And Fast, Two Pointersthere are 3 ideas for this,
– 1 use Set/Map, time O(n), Space O(n)
– 2 use Slow Fast Pointers, time O(n), Space O(1)
– 3 modify the nodes in the interaction, time O(n), space O(1)
144Binary Tree PreOrder TraversalEasyDFS, Stack
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