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Home K8s Stacks @Tim Bai’s Zone

Open source oftware give people a lot of flexibility to maintain a self host service safely in a low cost. K8s, as an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, gives us the deployment and management flexibility too. After I had my first cloud k3s cluster, I migrated many docker compose application to k8s. Here is to share the experience and deployment config of the service I used.

Self Hosted Services on K8s

share between two peers

How to run Syncthing on K8s

Syncthing is an open source sync tool between different devices, it is free to use, and point to point sharing service.

wikipedia and knowledge

Run TiddlyWiki on K8s

Tiddlywiki is a personal wiki, it was used as an extension to my blog to link unstructured knowledge,

analytics report on a table

Host Umami on K8s

Umami is a free and open source analytics tool as a Google Analytics instead. It can be hosted on K8s easily.

This page/project was inspired by K8s at Home.