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AWS Lambda Container Image vs AWS Lambda

There is always a question about this, is it faster or slower to run AWS Lambda Container Image? We all know ECS Fargate might slower than normal ECS, because of cold start time.

  • Is there a cold start time in the container image too?
  • Will the cold start time worse than Fargate or normal Lambda?
  • If so, how bad is it? Like 10% slower or 100% slower from time dimension?
  • How about the deployment time? Will Lambda Container cost more time?

All these questions, AWS does not give their audience answers, and they do not give the tech detail or implementation too. So it make the new AWS Lambda Container Image is a totally black box, which is even hard to deduce.

In this article, I am trying to answer these questions by running a same program on normal Lambda vs Lambda Container with same memory, at the same time, I can let you know the answers first.

Answers First, Is Lambda Container Fast Enough?

  • Lambda Container is not always slower than normal Lambda, most of time, roughly equal.
  • Deployment, Lambda Container takes much longer.
  • Lambda Container is much faster than Fargate in cold start.

More source code, implementation, time consuming and billing time data will come soon.


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