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About Tim Bai’s Zone

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Tim Bai’s Zone is a tech and individual blog started from 2011/2015, the flowchart below is about the stacks changes for these years. The current tech stack for the blog is K8S + WordPress + MySQL DB, and surely Apache and Let’s Encrypt are used too.

This work/blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Pexel, UnSplash are used for stock images. The licenses of them are both free to use.

More about Tim

TLDR, if you are more interested in the tech stack changes of the blog, or you want to contact me.

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More about the Zone/Blog and How to Contact

  1. I have a static wiki site too, go to as non-relations extension to my WordPress blog.
  2. How to contact me?
    1. Feel free to leave comments at this page, it will be the simplest way to contact me.
    2. Otherwise go to How to contact me?
  3. My old blog Tim’s Zone archive (before 2020)
  4. My 2021 in sum

Stack Changes of My Blog

Stack Update
  • In end of 2021, the infrastructure was changed from Docker/CapRover/Docker Swarm to K8s, the cloud service provider was changed from AWS to Oracle Cloud.
  • In beginning of 2022, the monitoring service, New Relic was added.

Why to make these tech stack changes

  • WP is not flexible like using React Strapi, but it it get enough templates and themes can save you tens of times on styling
  • WP is heavier than Hexo, but with optimisation and for personal blog/CMS purpose, it is way more than enough.

FAQ for Stack Changes

  • Why do the stacks become more and more complicated? Are you just high key, doing this for showing your skills?
    • Not really, it is not like I built a k8s cluster for hosting my personal low traffic WordPress blog, it is more like I built a k8s cluster to make my projects easy to deploy/development, and I used the remaining computing resources for this blog.

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