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Home ยป – an elegant markdown note taking app – an elegant markdown note taking app

obsidian rock/stone is a note taking and knowledge management app, it is cross platform with many elegant themes and many powerful productive plugins. Regarding the app itself, there are some core features,

  • All notes are in your local machine, so users can use any syncing service for syncing it without worry about centralized server data leaking. In my case, I am using syncthing.
  • All notes are in markdown format, so the note title will be the file name, and even without the app, you can view or edit them too.
  • There is only one thing I dislike, ๐Ÿ˜‚ itself is a close source app. It offers a few paid services for syncing note and publishing notes. Obsidian Sync and Obsidian Publish.

Obsidian, Why I liked it

I used to use Joplin notes, which is an open source notes taking app. It is a great app,

Comparing to Joplin notes. Obsidian has

  • More beautiful themes
  • Better user experience
  • And some very good core features, knowledge graph, backlinks

Obsidian Knowledge Graph

obsidian knowledge map
local knowledge map

For computer, structured data is very easy and pretty, for human being, it is usually a bit different, we remember things by relation and links. This knowledge graph is a good tool for that, to have a clear relation among each notes/knowledge points.

Back notes, links relation

obsidian note back links
obsidian back links

For having proper relations/links between notes, obsidian has a feature back link, it means when u link a note, that note will know the link source. And the links will be automatically updated, even you change the titles of your notes, it basically guarantee you will not lose your notes connection. Plugins

Obsidian has many good plugins. And there is on I build

  • Obsidian Bible Reference
obsidian bible reference screenshot
Bible reference

Obsidian bible reference plugin is a tool to manage bible related notes, users can set a language and version for bible as a reference, as shown in the picture, it make users easily to put down the bible verses.


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