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What does Christmas mean to you?

We celebrate Christmas every year, but what does Christmas actually mean to you, as an individual?

In some countries, Christmas is a time of shopping and sales. Some shops will open until midnight, people will just go and buy, buy and buy. People will spend money, have a delicious meal, and buying new fashionable clothes. So people will enjoy themselves, celebrate and be happy.

But in Bible, from the story of Jesus’ birth (which is the reason why we have Christmas), baby Jesus and the young couple Mary and Joseph, were not “very happy”, the baby was not born in a hospital or a comfortable room, but in manger (a place for feeding the horses). Afterwards, they had to run away to Egypt, because the king of Israel, King Herod, wanted to kill the baby Jesus.

If you read more about this story in bible, you will find that his birth was not for selfish reasons such as to bring happiness to his parents and family, he did not have a comfortable room, does not have delicious food, fashionable clothes. He was cold, and had to hide and run away. This was for us, for people who live in the world even 2000 years later.

Now let’s go back to the question, what does Christmas mean to us?

  • It is not a shopping day, it is not Santa’s day, for giving and receiving gifts.
  • Instead, it is a sign for Salvation, an innocent baby was born, and who 33 years later was killed without sin, and so that other people can be saved.
  • It is a sign of peace, to rebuild the relationship between God and people.
  • It is a day to remember this and share it with others.

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