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⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 18 Dec, 2020

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2. Firefox Was Always Enough

There are many concerns about Mozilla right now, and reason to be concerned. While I am no longer with Mozilla, it’s still a place that supported me for many years; I believe in Mozilla and want the project to succeed.

3. Download and Try the Tech Preview of Docker Desktop for M1


Last week, during the Docker Community All Hands, we announced the availability of a developer preview build of Docker Desktop for Macs running on M1 through the Docker Developer Preview Program. We already have more than 1,000 people testing these builds as of today.

5. Tech’s hidden hand in the vaccine rollout

Technology companies including IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce are working with governments and health agencies to manage the massive task of rapidly distributing the COVID-19 vaccines.

6. Packaging AWS Lambda functions as container images


Container image support for AWS Lambda was announced during AWS re:Invent 2020. This is a major new addition to the AWS functions-as-a-service offering. Lambda provides many benefits to developers in managing scaling, high availability and fault tolerance, and also enabling a pay-per-value model.

8. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Debt Bet

On December 7th, MicroStrategy announced its intention to offer $400M of debt to investors, and a plan to purchase Bitcoin with the proceeds.

9. Weekly To-do

Kubernetes Blog Post in Chinese Coding for MMSS

10. Express.js and AWS Lambda — a serverless love story


If you are a Node.js developer or you’ve built an API with Node.js, there’s a big chance you used Express.js. Express is de facto the most popular Node.js framework. Express apps are easy to build. For a simple app, you just need to add a few routes and route handlers. That’s it.

11. Analyzing AWS Fargate


AWS Fargate is an interesting service in that it allows you to run containers without having to think (much) about cluster management, task scheduling, instance provisioning etc.

12. Package your Lambda function as a container image


Today, AWS announced another major feature to the Lambda platform: the option to package your code and dependencies as container images. The advantage of this capability is that it makes it easier for enterprise users to use a consistent set of tools for security scanning, code signing, and more.

13. Running Container Images in AWS Lambda


When AWS Lambda launched in 2014, it pioneered the concept of Function-as-a-Service. Developers could write a function in one of the supported programming languages, upload it to AWS, and Lambda executes the function on every invocation.

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