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Home » ⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 19 Feb, 2021

⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 19 Feb, 2021

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1. Leadership Soft Skills: Master Your Own Mind to Lead Your Team to Success


Click here to take the State of Software Development 2021 survey! Leadership soft skills make or break your career as you transition into engineering management.

2. Singapore VS Hong Kong 🤔 The Ultimate Debate (for 2021)


Singapore VS Hong Kong, which is better? The answer to this has been debated for a long time by locals of both countries, ex-pats, travellers, economists and bloggers for a long time!

3. Weekly To-do

Kubernetes Blog Post in Chinese Coding for MMSS

4. Story Mapping


What is Story Mapping? Story mapping is a method for arranging user stories to create a more holistic view of how they fit into the overall user experience.

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