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Communicate better in Work

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I use to work in Company X, (a well known local SaaS company). It is about 3k+ employees, and I worked in a small company too, 30- employees too. During these many years of working, I found some tips of communication in a tech company, to make the communication efficient.

  • Think of an idea you dislike for 5 minutes first.
  • Do not always say yes
  • Do not keep saying no, say like Yeah, that is a good point, should we also consider XXX?

Something avoid to do

No as a start

It maybe sounds weird, but it does happen sometime. Most of time, when you start a no or listen a no, it means there is some misunderstanding, in a rare case, it means something fully wrong, but it is very rare. Therefore, for making the communication efficient, try use yes following your question instead.

Don’t point out something wrong immediately to show the empathy in work place.

from Lu Pan,

Response with Yes and be silent without any comment, suggestions

This is another case not very good, try to play up to everyone with a yes. This will give problems to a team too.

  1. U will get less and less valued in your team, even u have a very good idea or related experience. Because your voice was not known by others.
  2. A team might waste time to try something you already tried.

Try to rephrase your conversation into if you have a concern

Yeah, that is good point, I think we should also consider XXX

There is one case our team need to pick a load test framework. There are a few options, jmeter, k6. There are a lot of tradeoffs to make a decision on it. The lead was very keen on jmeter because of his own experience, however when the implementing, our team found it was jmeter is not very friendly to JS developers, we tried k6, and get problem solved in half an hour.

If in the beginning k6 was considered, it would save much time for our next implementing.

Give an Idea you dislike for 5 minutes

Ideas are fragile. They often start powerless. They’re barely there, so easy to ignore or skip or miss.

There are two things in this world that take no skill: 1. Spending other people’s money and 2. Dismissing an idea.

Give it five minutes from Jason Fried

In sum

We all have a journey in our careers, however we all need team work and help and mentoring from others, keep communication efficient and clear will be very important and helpful.

Do not reject communication and wish u all the best in your 2022’s career 😀.

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