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Why you should use Open Source software as possible as you can?

Your Data Should be Your Own Wealth, not tech Giants’.

1. I Lost Some Personal Activity data after switch to New Phone

Is it important?

yes and no.

It is important, because I can open the app and see how active I was

It is not important, because I can still walk, jog and after losing it, technically, the spam mail and advertisement amount will not increase due to losing it.

2. What I Did

I got a new phone, back up and Samsung Health and restore it.

I can still open it, but I cannot see any activities of mine anymore, what I can see is the looping spinner, and it loops forever.

It must be some issue between Samsung Health and new phone hardware and operating system.

3. Why Not Blame Your New Phone, Why Blame Samsung?

It does not matter who was blamed. What matters is I lost my data.

Solution to Make It Not Happen Again

1. Use Open Source Alternative Applications.

They all support to export data to plain format, which you can basically use it elsewhere.

The screenshot below is the Fito Track’s, it does offer you a simple but elegant UI.

fito track screenshot

2. More

  • backup, use OAndBackUpX
  • use homebrew instead of app store
  • use Joplin instead of EverNote
  • and more
  • You can get more open source privacy focused alternatives on Prism Break

3. Do Backup

  • Backup your phone to your computer
    • OAndBackUpX(free open source), Titanium Backup (paid)
  • Backup your computer to an encrypted backup solution
    • like TimeMachine, (not open source unluckily)

4. Reference and Practice

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