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Home » ⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 25 Dec, 2020

⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 25 Dec, 2020

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1. Web Authentication Methods Compared


In this article, we’ll look at the most commonly used methods for handling web authentication from the perspective of a Python web developer.

2. 100 Tips for a Better Life


The other day I made an advice thread based on Jacobian’s from last year! If you know a source for one of these, shout and I’ll edit it in.  1 .If you want to find out about people’s opinions on a product, google reddit.

5. How and why I stopped buying new laptops


Being an independent journalist – or an office worker if you wish – I always reasoned that I needed a decent computer and that I need to pay for quality.

6. Weekly To-do

Kubernetes Blog Post in Chinese Coding for MMSS

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