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⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 08 Aug, 2020

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1. Jane Manchun Wong

Twitter Web App now runs ES6+ for modern browsers*, reducing the polyfill bundle size by 83% (gzipped size went from 16.6 KB down to 2.7 KB!!) * Chrome 79+, Safari 14+, Firefox 68+

3. Why Build Toys?

Some of the biggest technology companies look like toys in the beginning.1 From a classical business building perspective, this shouldn’t happen. Toys are for fun. Businesses, especially huge ones, are for making money. Toys are small and of limited use. Large companies contain multitudes and perform a huge array of functions.

4. How to Monetize a Freemium Business

*ClearBrain (YC W18) provides self-serve predictive analytics for marketers. This is an excerpt from their Growth Playbook. [Read the full playbook here](*

5. Startup Playbook


We spend a lot of time advising startups. Though one-on-one advice will always be crucial, we thought it might help us scale Y Combinator if we could distill the most generalizable parts of this advice into a sort of playbook we could give YC and YC Fellowship companies.

6. How to Build a Product II (SUS 2017)

Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-founder of Box talks about how to build an enterprise software company during Startup School 2017.

7. YC’s essential startup advice

A lot of the advice we give startups is tactical; meant to be helpful on a day to day or week to week basis. But some advice is more fundamental. We’ve collected here what we at YC consider the most important, most transformative advice for startups. Whether common sense or counter-intuitive, the guidance below will help most startups find their path to success.

8. Stripe hires Mike Clayville as Chief Revenue Officer


Mike joins at an inflection point for Stripe as the company accelerates its march into the enterprise and businesses ramp up investment to serve customers through digital channels Mike joins from Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he was Vice President-Worldwide Commercial Sales and Business Developmen

9. Do not trust Google

I realise that this is one of the most well-explored topics on the privacy-conscious edges of the internet, but seriously… Do not trust Google.

10. Prototype pollution bug in popular Node.js library leaves web apps open to DoS, remote shell attacks


Package has been downloaded seven million times, but project maintainer believes most users are unaffected A flaw in the express-fileupload library allows hackers to stage prototype pollution attacks on Node.js servers, a security researcher has discovered. express-fileupload, a Node.

13. Understanding the node.js event loop

So the largest waste with current programming technologies comes from waiting for I/O to complete. There are several ways in which one can deal with the performance impact (from Sam Rushing): The second basis thesis is that thread-per-connection is memory-expensive: [e.g.

15. New England’s trees capturing more carbon, says 25-year study


The volume of data brought together for the analysis — by two dozen scientists from 11 institutions — is unprecedented, as is the consistency of the results.

16. IoT Tank Monitoring Solution Part 1


End to end solution to track tank level using cloud computing without having to worry too much with managing infrastructure. This is a 3 part tutorial on how to create a farm tank monitoring solution on Google Cloud.

17. Let’s build a Full-Text Search engine

Full-Text Search is one of those tools people use every day without realizing it. If you ever googled “golang coverage report” or tried to find “indoor wireless camera” on an e-commerce website, you used some kind of full-text search.

18. Broccoli: Syncing faster by syncing less


Dropbox syncs petabytes of data every day across millions of desktop clients. It is vital that we constantly improve the sync experience for our users, to increase our users’ productivity in their everyday lives.

19. How to build great products

If you believe that sales fix everything, it follows that most startups fail because they don’t ship a great product in a growing market before they run out of money. Assuming you’ve picked an explosive market, how do you go about building a great product?1

21. SoftBank Will Let People Invest in IPOs With Less Than $10


SoftBank Corp.’s brokerage unit plans to do something that may be a first in capital markets. It will allow individuals in Japan to participate in initial public offerings with as little as a 1,000-yen note (worth a bit less than a 10-dollar bill). One Tap BUY Co.

22. One year of automatic DB migrations from git

For the last year-plus, for most of my solo work, I’ve used a tool called automig to automatically turn my SQL schema changes into deltas that can be applied to a DB (plug – I wrote it).

23. Exclusive: Trump to give TikTok’s Chinese owner 45 days to reach deal to sell – sources


(Reuters) – President Donald Trump has agreed to give China’s ByteDance 45 days to negotiate a sale of popular short-video app TikTok to Microsoft Corp, two people familiar with the matter said on Sunday. U.S.

24. The Art of Not Thinking


After years of feeling guilty about not wanting to do everything, I realized I don’t need motivation to get things done. Below, I describe how I use the concept of not thinking instead. It took me five years to get in the habit of exercising. I just didn’t want to do it.

25. Web apps aren’t tech. They’re “tech”.

To many devs looking to go forth and have an impact on the industry, it can feel like the golden era has passed.

27. Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business


This was originally posted as a thread on Twitter, but I thought I’d republish it here to give it a proper home. So about a month or so ago, Tailwind cracked 10 million total installs, which given its humble beginnings, completely blows my mind.

28. A philosophical difference between Haskell and Lisp

: I no longer stand by the content in this post. I think the overall sentiment is marginally accurate; however, the details in the post are incorrect (as many have pointed out over the years).

30. How to Instantly Share Your Blogposts Across the Web


Just recently, I started writing in public. First on ‘200 Words a Day’ (now called Cowriters); a digital community of people trying to keep up “writing at least 200 words per day”, every day. After that, I started writing on Medium, which is a blogging platform.

31. 25 Public Speaking Tips From Attending Toastmasters


Why did I go to Toastmasters? I’ve always been a bit boring in my speaking. Even after being a teacher for 6 years in my previous careerpath, I still have a hard time not being a monotone speaker. So that’s why I decided to attend a Toastmasters meetup.

32. Content as a Service


Hypothesis Good content will become more relevant and much more important for brands & businesses than it is today. Easy peasy Setting up a business with the essential parts of a website/app and a marketing campaign is an order of magnitude easier than ten years ago.

33. What is a Product Roadmap?


When I was still a kid, I was always so excited to sit in the front passenger seat on holiday trips. You see, there were no navigation devices yet, and thus we had a physical roadmap.

34. You own your data, in spite of the cloud


It’s amazing how easily we can collaborate online nowadays. We use Google Docs to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations; in Figma we work together on user interface designs; we communicate with colleagues using Slack; we track tasks in Trello; and so on.

35. When I raised my B2B SaaS’s prices


When I launched Feature Upvote, my B2B SaaS, in 2017, the price was $29/month, with a 20% discount for paying yearly. I chose that price arbitrarily, but also because it is what I felt I would pay for a similar service.

36. Laws of UX


Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable. Productivity soars when a computer and its users interact at a pace (<400ms) that ensures that neither has to wait on the other.

37. Weekly To-do

Kubernetes Blog Post in Chinese Coding for MMSS

38. Proxy in TypeScript


Proxy is a Conceptual design pattern that provides an object that acts as a substitute for a real service object used by a client. Proxy receives client requests, does some work (access control, caching, etc.) and then passes request to a service object.

39. Tim’s Zone

Not only for solution architect professional, it is basically for all kinds of AWS services related questions. Some Experiences to Share Anything related to cost-efficient,… Read More »Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test

40. Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Summary Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the: MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes, MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards compatible manner, and PATCH version when you make backwards compatible bug fixes.

41. Amazon Almost Killed Best Buy. Then, Best Buy Did Something Completely Brilliant


The year was 2012, and everything seemed to be going wrong for Best Buy. The CEO had just resigned after admitting to an improper relationship with a female employee. Employee engagement seemed to be at an all-time low.

42. Why I Don’t Use A Static Site Generator


I often receive inquisitive looks when I tell people I’m running WordPress on my website. Especially when I’m talking to other people in the InfoSec community where getting responses like, “WordPress, really? Why not a static site generator like Hugo?” is par for the course.

43. Access Token Lifetime

When your service issues access tokens, you’ll need to make some decisions as to how long you want the tokens to last. Unfortunately there is no blanket solution for every service.

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