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tree vs building

 Some people suggest that it is more important to plant more trees in open area than housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is considered that more trees should be planted in open area rather than building more houses. However, In my opinion, planting trees and housing are both important, and sometimes provide people shelters are more important than trees.

I believe that most poeple agree that trees are important for our environment. For example, trees can offer places for animals to live. if more trees are planted, the diversity of local environment will increase, and more bird and insects will come, the sightseeing will be more beautiful then before. At the same time, the air around the trees will be cleaner, it is proved that tree can filter out pollutant in the air, this can help local community to be cleaner and more comfortable for people to live.

However, for a modern society, especially for a fast growing city, people’s housing problem becomes more and more serious. If more houses are constructed, more people can get a self private place to live. Besides, if there are more houses coming to the market, it means house price will decrease, lower price makes houses more affordable for people. It is obvious that this can help to increase the stability of the society and happiness of people.

Yet at the same time, I think it really depends on the location and the development of the area. In fact, trees needs a lot of water to grow well, if a place is lack of water, planting trees cannot be an optional at all. Besides, if a city is growing very fast and more and more people are attracted to come to settle down, housing on this open area is necessary for the city. It is because you can plant trees in the countryside but you cannot force people to move to countryside.

In sum, I think both are important, and which option is better, I think it really depends on the location and development of the area.

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