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Should people have water for free?

 Some people suggest that it is more important to plant more trees. Some people think that fresh water should be freely available, while others believe governments should tightly control the use of fresh water as it is limited resource. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There are conflicting views that fresh water should be provided. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and provide my own perspective in the end.

Water is used everywhere in our daily life, we drink water directly, we also use water to clean our stuffs and to cook our food. Human cannot survive without water. I believe this is why some advocates suggest fresh water should be provided. If water is not charged, people can save money on their bills, these savings can be used for entertainment or improve their living quality, therefore, it can increase happiness of the society.

However, if water is free for everyone, it might cause some new problems too. People might start to waste, because water is unlimited and free. While in fact, fresh water is still limited resource on Earth. If one day, clean water is run out, our environment will be ruined and human’s history will go to the end. Besides, this might cause that factories generate more and more polluted water, Factories usually use tons of water, and if water is free, some factories might start to increase their productivity and generate more water pollution. For example, coal processing factories are using a huge amount of water to purify or extract minerals from the raw, and after this stage water will be not fresh and hard to re-used.

In sum, I believe people can benefit from free water a bit, but it might create more issues. So I would suggest to keep the free taps for passengers in the park or besides the road, at the same time, increasing the water price for water-consuming factories.