⭐️ Technology Reading Update (weekly) – 31 Jul, 2020

Continue reading takes about 3 minutes 1. How to hire great engineers Hiring software engineers is one of the most critical yet hard tasks you need to do to succeed as a company. Large tech companies define “what a great engineer is” and the way they hire them through trial and error. 3. Should you use SRP? This page has some wonky notes about the Secure Remote Password protocol. TL;DR: I don’t like it. It’s also not obviously broken. But it’s inefficient and you should use OPAQUE. Like most PAKE protocols, SRP has two phases. 5. Developers: How we use SRP, and you can too 1Password uses a multi-layered approach to protect your data in your account, and Secure Remote Password (SRP) is one of those very important layers. Today we’re announcing that our Go implementation of SRP is available as an open source project. 6. What is HTTP/2 and How Does it Compare to HTTP/1.1? HTTP/2 is one of the largest changes to how the web works since HTTP v1.1 was released in June 1999. The new HTTP/2 protocol… Read More »⭐️ Technology Reading Update (weekly) – 31 Jul, 2020