Lost $1000 When I trade on LocalBitcoins

I have some cryptocurrencies which I bought abround 3 years ago. That time, bitcoin’s price is around $300, while now it is above $8000.

I have some experience to sell my bitcoins on localbitcoins.com which is a popular bitcoin trading website. And usually I will accept the screenshot attachment, ie I will release my bitcoins if the buyer upload his paying receipt screenshot. Except the first time, that time, I trade my coins with the buyer face to face. And he game me that cash. And it was $4000 at my frist trading.

However, this time. A fraud happened. And it seemed that I cannot get my coins or my money back. Because I have already released my bitcoins before I receive money.

During the conversation between buyer and me. He did not only one weired thing. I should be more careful.

  • He said he need one hour to collect his money
  • He uploaded a CHN passport I did not even ask the idntity, while his English is pretty fluent not like a Chinese
  • Ask trading, he asked me about my number

Now, it is one week later, I did not receive any money from him. I called the bank, the banks said what only I can do is ask help from police. But I do not think so, because he must gave the fake ID. What I only know is his IP is Australia’s, if he did not use TOR when we traded.

It is A Fraud.

In conclusion,

  • Do not release your coins before you see the money.
  • You do not need to trade with spercific guy
  • Check his profile and registered time.

the id of this bad guy