My Small Web App SavingList.co.nz

Last post is long time ago. Because working on this took me much time.
saving list


The Stacks

back end

  • flask / python
  • mongoDB

front end

  • html css javascript
  • vuejs
  • quassar framework


When I came to New Zealand, I found something is different with China. For example, if you want to buy a bottom of water, you have many choices, but usually the common one is 1 yuan. Even in different shops, supermarkets.

But in NZ, it is different with different shops, sometimes event the same supermarkets but in different locations.

So I want to make this small website, make it like a different flies collection.


Orginally, I do not want to use the front end js framework like vuejs. I wanted to build a web app which is rendering on server. That time, I used jinja2 to write the templates.

Finally, I changed my decision, because I found when I used vuejs. I really saved my time.