Samsung S6 Root & Fix dm-verity Error

I bought a samsung galaxy s6 days ago, for developing vr app and games. The model is g9200, with duol-sim supporting. This week, when I test and use this phone. I met some problems. If you got the same problem, this maybe help.


First of all, I want to say that samsung is not a very open phone manufaturer. I have had 4 android phones before, Alcatel(TCL), huawei, samsung, and moto. And the most open one of these four is moto. You can easily unlock your bootloader, and install custom recovery and rom. As for this galaxy s6, there is no stable cutom roms for now, and root is not very easy. So the best way to update the system is ota updaing, I think.

Install/Upgrade Firmware

  • download frimware
  • use odin to upgrade

Root S6

  • use odin ap to install cf auto root
  • install twrp, and install update-supersu

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lost Root And dm-verity verification failed ….

  • samfile download the rom.md5 file
  • use odin ap top reinstall it
  • reuse cf-auto root
  • Pros

  • nothing lose, just some time, odin ap not erase your data

About twrp

It is not advised to use twrp to get the root, for it did not work for me, for the above method worked and not waste too much time, and when I use adb recovery reboot to go in recovery mode, it give a infinate loop back.