fuse browser, a three hours work on fusetool

fuse tooluh, after about 3 hours’ hard work, I made a web browser with fusetool. It is really simple with just

  • a address input area,
  • backward button,
  • a goto button.

and nothing else.

About Fuse Browser

This is extremely simple browser for mobile platform. And it store no privacy of you, save no data of you.


  1. -> / “right arrow” is not forward button
  2. there is no exit action for now (May 20 2016), but it will have in the fulture
  3. and this is not a full web browser, and it will never be a full version;


  • no book mark
  • no home
  • ho history
  • no proxy
  • store nothing
  • extremely simple

In fact, it is more like a example project for the fuse, using

  • WebView
  • Observable
  • OnPageLoaded
  • EvaluateJS
  • fuse function with parameter

maybe, I should make a simple tutorial for it, like what Jake does. ^_^

Ref & Credits

  • github under epl license
  • google play
  • and all icon are from google material, under CC-BY license