Social Engineering

Recently, a young hackers use this method to get the John Brennan’s private emails. It became a news.

In this age, everything that public feel like a news, maybe is already spreaded for many years

The First Story

That time, similarily I am still in high school. I heard a story about a penetration tester how to penetrate in a park system.

`He took his wife and child to go to the box office and buy a ticket, then his phone righed. He told the ticket seller, his child’s school sent him a emal, he must check it immediately. The seller agreed his ask and let him use the computer.

Then the assignment was downloaded, and system was penetrated …`

This is an old real news, and it is my first time to know about social engineering.

Films & Episodes

WhoAmI in a German movie. During the whole movie, it is a man telling a story. Mr Robot is a man telling a story too. I do not know why directors like to use this method to make a hacker movie. But these two directors they worked, their creations are successfull. And show many real hacker’s tools and methods.

0day/DDOS/chroot/TOR/I2P ...

When I was a junior in university

Certainly, I am not a cracker. But when I was a junior, I liked to take my live usb (Ubuntu Inside) to go to the computer room to surf the internet. ^^