AR Football Penalty Kick

My first AR game.


How about the feeling that a cameraman hold the camera to follow the player in the game.

I think no one will get it, in a real game. Because it is not allowed in the real game.

This feeling is this ar application want to give you.


How To Play

  • Put the play ground picture on your desktop
  • Stand up
  • Hold your phone (for now it is only supported Android, other oses in the fulture), to the ground picture
  • Start Gaming


  • If you know about modeling, coding on Unity3D, Vuforia, then feel free to folk this repo and contribute your codes or models for AR Football
  • If you do not know it, but you get a cool idea, then start an issue, let’s see whether it is easy to archieve
  • Or donate to this project





Hope you enjoy this game!!!