Unity Certified Developer Exam Progress

Today, I took the unity certified developer exam, and I passed it and got certified.


The Progress

  1. Check in
  2. One assistant will help you create a User Account in your computer(Important)
  3. Connect the internet`
  4. Log in the exam website
  5. Take the test

Others About Exam

Before, I think the exam is easy. After, I found I was wrong, it is not very hard, but not very easy too. It involves so many specifics. And you cannot start the unity engine, or read the doc.

And assistants will give you an umbrella and a mousepad after the test. If you passed it, you would get the badge and the T-shirt too.

Some specifics I remember

  • Animation/Animator
  • Project Management
  • Unity Service
  • Navigation
  • Physics
  • Audio
  • Effect /Particle System
  • UI
  • Basic Art knowledge
  • Basic design knowledge
  • Editor

Question Types

  • Single choice question
  • Match question
  • Clicking the right position