ShangHai VR Congress

This meeting is held by a local community. A Chinese game developers and artists’ community.

Not very professional, but it is big enough in China. Because it is already the biggest online game developers’ community in China.


Before, I did not know zspace, after, I found it is cool.


Its ar/vr idea is different with the oculus or vuforia. It combine ar(zviewer), vr, hardware, software, input and output(polarization glasses). Pretty cool.



The engineer introduce some about the optimization for vr developing and some features in the fulture.

Features in the fulture

  • Head Track Splash Screen (not like before, a 2d picture)
  • VR switch (smoothly swich between vr and normal mode)
  • Integrate HTC vive
  • Native plugin API(take the VR optimization for all VR HMDs)
  • Eye tracking (Forward rendering)
  • Component-Based VR Input Tracking (allow user to set a normal camera in VR mode)
  • Hololens(release with the hololens release)

Deepoon VR

  • Dizziness (Latency)
  • Screen effect (The translation may be not right)
  • HMD’s Comfort


There is a big problem in VR devices, The input method. Like Zspace, they use their own pen as the original input device. But in other hmds, they do not have a very good method to get input infomation.

This is the usens’ doing, they want to give a powerful input for vr HMDs.

  • Hand tracking in real world
  • Head rotation track
  • Movement track

These are they support.

SDK: Fingo
Blog: Superreality


I have wroten a post about Chinese local ar

EasyAr is still in developing, As for features, there are not as many as the vuforia or metaio. Maybe the biggest advantage is that there is no water mark on the products developed by easyAR.

  • target on the fly (Like vuforia’s Extended Tracking)
  • transparent video

Epic Games

Reasons of Dizziness:

  • without position track
  • slow rendering

Why So Many Drawcalls?

  • Too many objects on a scene

Build A VR Testing Environment

  1. Pause game
  2. Run a stand along game
  3. test many times (high/low cpu consuming …)

Other optimizations

  • shut down dynamic shadow
  • never let lights overlap

Drawcall Calculation

One Mesh Actor

Emitter + light + elements


  • PC: Emitter *Material Pass
  • Mobile: Emitter Material Pass Sprites