Vuforia , ARtoolKit vs EasyAR & VoidAR from China

The company need to develop a pc/mac alone ar app. But vuforia does not support pc/mac. So how to solve this, there were caming out 2 ideas from my mind.

  • Try to migrate vuforia to pc
  • Try another AR SDK

B told me to try easyAR, an ar sdk from China. I followed his advice and tasted it, this China’s local company’s AR tool.


It is simple, really simple to use. Although it said it support all platforms. Infact it just support mobile platform(It support PC alone). And for now, the only target can be recognized is the image. And the recognization quality is acceptable.

But it is not very stable, there is a white screen bug happening on many phone or pads.

VoidAR (太虚AR)

To be honest, I did not like this name, and its quality too. I tasted it in about 20 minutes. It crashed 3 times. It seemed that it is still in alpha version.

And it did not support pc either.


I like it, it is simple but not easy to learn and use.


I think it is the best, just did not support pc.


  • image target
  • 3d object
  • smart terrain

It is cool and easier to use.