Taste On Vuforia

I knew the vuforia, this AR tool about 1.5 months ago. And that time, when I try to use it build some application on unity3d, I failded. That time, I do not know why, but today I knew the reason and it worked.

About The Width in Target

In facr, the width value can be arbitrary. Because it is use to establish the unit scale in unity scene.

Why I failed before.

Before, when I try to use vuforia, I usually use my phone to take a photo of the picture I want to recognize. The photo will be submitted to database, but it can not be very easy to recognize, because the edge and the the light.

This time, although I still do not have a printer, but I got a solution to fix this problem, I use the book’s front page as the target, and search the fronta page picture online with high resolution.

And it worked!!!


Now I use unity3d Linux version, the webcam was not be supported, it always give the exception error, if active the webcam in ARCamera.

Maybe I need a macbook and a usb camera. And of course, just maybe in the fulture.