My First Game- A 3D Mines Sweeper

Tim’s Mines Sweeper

This is my first game, it takes me many days. And I use some assests from others (plese see the license on github readme), like background music is from the unity sample–sapce shooter.

The download and code links are below, enjoy it and if you like it or like the idea, add star in github.

If you got some suggestions, feel free to leave the message below or contact me on github.

The Background is just a defalut skybox without light, the gray buttons are cannot be clicked now.

During Playing Game

When you lost

move view
You can move the matrix.

move scene
And you can use mouse wheal to control the distance between camera and the matrix.

Some Pities

  1. When win/lost, show a tip, to restart or exit
  2. best score store
  3. config the number of cubes and mines
  4. share to friends (by email fb or others)
  5. make mouse like a space man
  6. space cube more white
  7. when click space cube, then other space near it show too
  8. maybe use whel control the distance between cubes not the distance between camera and parent objct

Future Ideas

  1. count the near 27 cubes not 6 cubes now to make the game more playable
  2. maybe make cube matrix not a cube but a cuboid with 3 rows in z axis

Sourcecode: TimMinesSweeper

Demo:Built Demo


To be honest, it is a little difficult to win.

Because you cannot easily to predict the mines position when you got the number on the cube.

But maybe this is more interesting, Right? LOL