Internet Without Google

Google was blocked in China. When I was a university student at school. I need to afford 10 cents per hours’ internet fee. It is so expensive that I must get my cable out when I do not use network. That time, google was already blocked. However, in fact, you can easily get accessing google by changing the hosts file. But now, you cannot even you change the hosts. Because when you started to add the google available ips in your hosts, the ips will blocked days later.

I did not like google, it tracks you by its analysizing and ads code. But it is really inconvenient to visit some english/foreign websites in China, because the cdn provided by google was blocked.

Search Engine


There are so many search engines in China, the biggest one is baidu. And there are 360so, sogou, soso…

Even the gov publish a search engine, the name is renmin sousuo.(Now the name is chinaso)

Google Fonts/Ajax/Themes


cnzz/ are two analysizing tools in China. And baidu have its own analysizin tool too.

google rep

I wait the day that Google can be visited in China.