Marathon Korea 7

Today, I joined Dandong marathon. And finished the race in 2 hours 30 minutes. So I got a medal. It is made of iron, not pricey but it is priceless for me. For it is my first half marathon medal.

Korea 7 girl

Running marathon is not easy, and there is another point that I have to talk about today’s race - Korea 7. A girl, or maybe call her a lady better. I do not know her name, I cannot watch the name clearly with running and I cannot read Korean either. I do not rember her number, I just rembered it started as W0. And there are many women Korean half marathon runner. Korea 7 is the characters printed on her cloth, what I remober most clearly about her in my brain is this.

What I want to say is Thanks!, she did not know me either. But in 21 km’s race, there is about 12 km’s running I was following her. She did not know me, but she gave me her tempo, and this tempo helped me finished the race.

First 10 KM

I am fresh for marathon. Although I prepare 2 weeks, but in fact, it is not enough.

So I want to try to find a guy to follow, follow her/his tempo. Firstly, the guy I follow is not her, it is another man. But his tempo is not stable. And I found her Korea 7.

Obviously, a person who go abroad to join a marathon race, that means this person is good at running enoough and with experince. And she is a woman, if I followed a prfesshional man runner, I think I will lose. So I found she is a good leader for me in race.


With nearlly 10 km’s running, it is the point to turn back. That time, I want to drink water, so I spped up and take a cup of water. I found that I run afored her. And when I looked back, I did not find her. I thought she run full marathon. So I just run foward and tried to find a new one to follow. In fact, there is no one like her with a good running tempo. Some one I follow they just stopped. But I still insisted on running did not give up, and pray to God help me and give me courage and willpower. But my rate was slow down, and I felt my legs were more and more heavy. There are just 2 km remaining.

Tha last 2 kilometers

At ths moment, a familar shadow showed. Korea 7, until that time, I knew she was just like me running half marathon. And she was really with experience, because I found her tempo is still stable. And just like before, I followed her again. She speeded up, I sppeded up too. And I finished, finished in 2 hours 30 minutes. So I can get the medal for finisher in 2.5 hours.


(The medal for half marathon runner is with a silver color, not like this with a goden color, and I did nt found the picture with high quality, so use this)

When I nerved to say thank you, I found she was gone in the crowds. There were so many players, I did not find her. And I took bus back.


I am not a good runner. I decided to join this year’s Dandong marathon, because there is a sister in campus fellowship, she does not seem like powerful but she already joined many races. So I think maybe I can try.

Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.   --John 16:24