Permissions A China Video Website Need To Prepare

Chinese ancients built the great wall to defeat the enermy. Because it is not easy to attck the wall for Hussars from the north.

This picture is at the corner of a video website in China, just like youtube. The website name is tudou. It is one of the most popular video websites in China.

Today, when I opened the site to watch some videos. I sroll my mouse down and found this corner. In fact, meaybe it has conquered 1~2 tenth of my screen.

Ther permissions tudou list

The number is SIX. A video website need 6 permissions.

And the most werid one is the 药品服务许可证, the meaning is Serving the medicine permission. I think you cannot understand this, In fact, I cannot either, though I live in China for many years.

Maybe Internet is not a good thing, it take much time of people to stay before the computer and make someone leave the church and surf the internet. But I do not think making building website difficultly is a solution to this phenomenon.