Flash my moto e

I wanted to buy a new phone. And i want:

  • cheap enough
  • support cm
  • cpu >= 1ghz
  • ram >=1g

So I choose this moto e.moto e

Flash My Moto E

I got it from online shop. It is just about $40. I compare this with moto g/ nexus 4, finally i choose moto g, because it is so cheap. Althou the seller this phone is whole new. I guesee it is just a second-hand phone with a good condition.

Install CM

Follow the cm guide. It is easy.

  1. Unlock
  2. install recovery
  3. install cyanogenmod

Problems- start logo loop

When I follow the cm guide to flash the device. I found there is logo loop bug. There are no reasons that this happen. I follow the guide and do not change the order. How can it failed?

Finally, it solved. Just install the cm11 firstly, then uodate it to cm12.

This cm 11 mod is unofficial. XDA link

It is truely stable but with a small bug. (I am not sure whether it is a software bug or hardware bug)
the gps did not work

Nano/Micro Sim

After I got the cm11. There is another problem happening.

I left the micro sim card groove in the phone. And can not get it out. And that time is just the time to go to church.

I try to insert the nano sim card to sove this. I failed. And two nana card and the micro card groove all get stuck.

I pray. I did not want to a new phone get broken.

And I find a phone reparer’s, and he did not know to solve this firstly too. But finally he helped me to get the nano card out and the micro groove

Wifi Scan

Wifi is another problem I met. I do not know CM’s privacy guard very much.
And I denied the setting to change the wifi.

So I the phone cannot find the wifi signal. But when you input the wifi ssid handly, it connected.

So I changed the provacy guard setting. It worked.


I have known adb tool long long ago. I have never tried to use it. This time, I firstly tried to use it. It is cool and easy to use, and much better than some local/Chinese companies’ heavy tools.