⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 18 Sep, 2020

Continue reading takes about 4 minutes 1. Bogleheads® investment philosophy The Bogleheads® follow a small number of simple investment principles that have been shown over time to produce risk-adjusted returns far greater than those achieved by the average investor. 2. 15 best startup marketing practices we say “no” to (while growing our MRR by 1000% in 6 months) Plausible Analytics is a simple, lightweight, privacy-first and open-source web analytics. We reject, exclude and say no to the majority of the best marketing practices for growing a startup. Startups can help make things better and cause a change we’d like to see in the world. 3. The Ultimate Guide To Successful Algorithmic Trading Photo From UnSplash Pretty much everyone who has programmed a computer to do anything beyond outputting “Hello World” has dreamed of having a computer algorithm (algo) working tirelessly to extract money from the financial markets, be it in stocks, bitcoin, soybeans or anything else traded on an 4. Quantitative Trading Summary This summary is an attempt to shed some light on modern quantitative trading since there is limited… Read More »⭐️ Weekly Report – Technology Reading Update – 18 Sep, 2020