May 2020


Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test

  • Tim Tim

Not only for solution architect professional, it is basically for all kinds of AWS services related questions. Some Experiences to Share Anything related to cost-efficient, Have an eye an s3. S3 as a cheapest storage solution, you deserve to try it. Serverless solution (lambda, Api gateway) can help you save too Or try ECS Fargate, pay as you go, a Kubernetes like AWS solution Availability or reliability keep an eye on LB, ECS, Serverless (API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo), RDS Multi AZ, Aurora Unpredictable amount of data to store You only have two options left, S3 or Dynamo (Aurora, RDS they both have a maximum amount) You want something realtime? Try Kinesis CloudWatch logs some times can work too, (but not cloud trail, there is always a minutes delay of cloud trail) Some Tips I hope you understand, the tips below cannot help you to pass a cert test or help you gain huge amount of cloud architect/development experience, but it can help to easily detect the options which make no sense. lambda should not be used for creating snapsot s3… Read More »Some Tips I Found When Sitting the AWS Solution Architect Test